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Just two years ago, a 17 year old female player from South Korea was accused of cheating. Her gamer name was Geguri.


During that time the accusations were so harsh that an interview was taken place to prove her innocence. Here is a video of that interview.


As seen in the video, her phenomenal aim, as Zarya, results from her skill alone. Even after clearing her name, she continued to prove her ability by streaming live, even after the interview. Eventually she was seen breaking down into tears, as she stated that the stress had finally got to her.

Now! At age 19, Geguri has become the first female player to enter the Overwatch League!



She has become an official player for Shanghai Dragons. The team is a professional Overwatch eSports team based in China. Previously her main character was Zarya, who carries the role of a tank. However her picks diversified to included D.VA, tank, and McCree, as DPS. Her role in the team is that of Flex/Tank.

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