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Some Geek Zoom Backgrounds for you to enjoy during the pandemic.

Thousands are using Zoom conferencing during this Covid-19 pandemic. Geeks are included in that. Even if you are just a fan and do not consider yourself a geek, there are some things for you as well, like your favorite show. Some of these backgrounds are cooler than others, but that opinion we will keep to ourselves here at Geek Impulse. Here is a plethora of pop culture options for everything from Star Trek to Seinfeld

Star Trek

Parks and Recreation

Knives Out

Fox Prime-time Animation

Animal Crossing


John Wick 3

Ru-Paul’s Drag Race

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Top Gun

Red Dwarf

Studio Ghibli backgrounds

Doctor Who

To change your space to a virtual background, sit in front of an empty wall. If you own a green screen, this is made for you. If not, a plain wall will do. Then sign into Zoom, go to account settings, and then the meeting tab. Enable virtual backgrounds there. Get thorough, step by step instructions in Zoom’s help center.

Also, if you are a DC fan, there are also some zoom backgrounds. You can find those here. As long as your computer has the graphics processing power to handle it, you can make use of these virtual backgrounds released by DC Comics. Locations include the Batcave, the Daily Planet, the Hall of Justice, Themyscira, and more. You can even pretend to be discussing the latest financial reports from Gorilla City. Is there any we missed? If so leave a link in the comments to share it with others. We hope you are out there being safe and washing your hands. We appreciate you taking time out of your Self-Quarantine to read our website and go to our social media.

Update: For Those that are not geeks or shy to express your geek on your Zoom meetings, Biteable has some fun backgrounds for you to try for Free Here.

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