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Gee-Kun Geek Impulse Inc.

Be Unique. Be Geek.

Geek Impulse Inc. Is a Multinational News/Media Entertainment Company

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Initially conceived in 2014. Officially founded and Launched on March 7th, 2017.


To Be The Most Comprehensive Global Media Company

Geek Impulse Inc. Mission

To Provide News, Insights, and Entertainment Into Global POP Culture and Develop Consumer Technology and Software.

Geek Impulse creates a work environment that promotes creativity and innovation. They work to create efficient management practices and transparency. The company encourages the highest level of involvement in the community and promotes collaboration globally. They aim to enrich viewer experience by offering unique, diverse content while using cutting edge technology. Delivering in-depth and dependable information on pop culture and entertainment from around the world

At the moment, Geek Impulse operates the Dragon Spit Podcast which seeks to entertain and inform on Pop Culture using the power of voice. The podcast is currently available on iTunes, Google Podcast, Podbean, Spotify and several other platforms.

Geek Impulse interviews influencers in pop culture, such as Professor Michael Denin, Reina Scully, Josh Grelle, and many more. Future ventures will include Ai Technology, augmented reality, use of S.E.E.R. technology which you can see from the video below by the amazing artist Takayuki TODO, and CGI as well.

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