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Originally planned to open in April the new Area of Tokyo Disneyland World of Beauty and the Beast “New Fantasy Land” finally opened in September. A COVID related closure of the park had caused the delay.

The New Fantasy Land looks like a scene from the Disney Movie the Beauty and the Beast. You can walk along Bell’s House and the market place of the village she lives in. There even is a restaurant called “La Taverne de Gaston” and a fountain dedicated to the main antagonist of the movie. The highlight of the new area definitely is the Beast‘s castle. The nearly 30-meter tall castle is especially stunning when lit up at night.

The New Fantasy Land features two new restaurants, several shops and a new ride. For the shops and the La Taverne de Gaston visitors currently require a reservation to enter. You can make reservations in advance through the Disneyland app and website. Unfortunately, the servers regularly break down due to the large number of people trying to access them once new slots become available. Currently, Disneyland tickets are already hard to get due to the visitor limitation. If you want tickets and a restaurant or shop reservation for the same day you should prepare for spending a few nights in front of your computer or phone screen.

The new ride “Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast” is only accessible through a lottery system. After entering the park, you can choose a time slot and apply for the lottery via the Disneyland app. You only have one try per visit. If you are unlucky you will not be able to get on the ride on that day.

I was lucky enough to win the lottery and must say the ride is beautifully made and very detailed. You sit in a huge teacup and ride through several scenes of the movie. They are illustrated with animatronics that dance along with the well-known Disney songs. The waiting line for the ride that leads through the castle is also full of small details and you can find many characters you know from the movie. At the moment visitors are urged to rush so you can’t really take in everything but I can imagine that lining up for the ride is not boring at all.

Currently, the park has several corona measures in place, such as restricting the number of visitors of World of Beauty and the Beast, requesting visitors to wear masks and keep distance. The new ride also had plastic partitions installed to avoid contact with other quests. I really did enjoy the atmosphere of the new area. However, having to get a reservation for everything can be quite unnerving. Also, I can imagine that the lottery can be quite frustrating if you are not as lucky as I was.

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