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Hyerim and Shin Min Chul. The couple have been together for 7 years.

The announcement came on May 1, that in July, the couple will tie the knot. A source from Hyerim’s agency rrr Entertainment spoke about the news and said, “It is true that the two are planning on getting married in July. The particulars of their wedding are still being debated.” This will make Hyerim the second Wonder Girls member to get married after Sunye, who got married in 2013 and is actually the mother of three children.

Hyerim announced earlier this year she’s been dating the taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul since 2013. They are currently starring together in MBC’s “Don’t Be Jealous” and have shared with viewers their love story. They too are set to share their preparations for marriage on the show. This makes since why they do so well on screen opposite each other because the chemistry is real. Makes us wonder what others that do well have an off-screen relationship or friendship.

Back in March, Hyerim posted a handwritten letter with Instagram confirming her relationship with Shin Min Chul and signing with Yubin’s RRR Entertainment label.

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The two shared that Hyerim’s father was a catalyst for the two to meet as her father too was a former taekwondo warrior who was mentoring Shin. The two met and became drawn to each other on a certain event; or both experienced the “love-at-first-sight” syndrome. Shin recalled how he loved the beautiful kpop star seated in front of him. He couldn’t resist from pursuing her then and there.

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