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Elon Musk Loves Your Name ‘ Kimi No Na Wa’



Elon Musk Loves Anime - Geek Impulse



Over the weekend Elon Musk Tweeted something that no one ever could have predicted. He revealed that he loves Your Name and the internet broke. The Founder of SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company and several others had this to say:



He wasn’t done because he replied to others on the Twitter When asked about his thoughts on Spirited Away:



We would love it if Elon Musk were to create an anime studio. With someone of his caliber of genius, he may just be able to push out some of the most imaginable and creative anime stories the world has ever seen.  Of course the suggestions of what to watch came rolling in as well.



Elon Musk is a celebrity billionaire and the latest public figure in America to come out and declare their love for anime. What do you all think of this? Is this done deliberately or is this a genuine love for a genre of animation that tell unique stories unlike any other country? Lets Discuss. 





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