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In Japan during Halloween season restaurants like Hilton or Continental offer Halloween buffets that look really amazing, at least on photos. Unfortunately, these usually cost around 5.000 Yen per person I have not yet been to one. Luckily this year I happened to find out that the Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Ikebukuro, “Alice in an old castle”, is also doing a Halloween buffet. To my surprise, it was only 3.500 Yen. As I had been wanting to go Down the Rabbit Hole to the restaurant anyway, I decided to try it out with a friend.

The entrace to the restaurant

The restaurant has several rooms that all have a different design concept. We had seats in a round room where several tables where placed facing the walls. Behind every seat, there was an aquarium. The room had a really nice atmosphere and had an overall “under the sea”-vibe.

Before the buffet started we went Down the Rabbit Hole and got a welcome drink and a snack assortment. The staff told us that eating the snacks would make us shrink as Alice did in the story. After became small enough we were allowed to check out the buffet. It was mostly a sweets buffet but there was some savoury food as well.

You have to be quick or else Halloween cheshire cat will finish your drink for you.

On a huge table, there were all sorts of Halloween themed sweets most of them with pumpkin flavour. The table and the buffet room where decorated very detailed to match the Halloween theme. On some separate tables, you could get foods like quiche, curry, noodle salad and fried potatoes. It felt as if in Halloween Food Wonderland.

(Photo by @tinastokyodiary)

The Halloween buffet also included free soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails that you could order from the table. Unlike what you might expect from a theme restaurant the food tasted quite good. The buffet was open for 90 minutes and you could as much as you like.

In the end, the staff brought us a pack of tea and explained that it would help us to return back to normal size.

I really enjoyed celebrating Halloween this way and 3500 Yen for all you can eat and all you can drink in such a nice atmosphere is definitely good value for your money. The restaurant is holding seasonal buffets on weekends throughout the year. I can recommend it for everyone that likes sweets and is a fan of Alice in Wonderland.

Me posing with one of the Red Knights protecting the buffet (Photo by @tinastokyodiary)

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