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Artificial Skin Geek Impulse

If you ever felt disconnected from your devices, you are in luck. For the first time ever your devices may be able to feel you with Artificial Skin. Sound creepy? Well, we are just getting started.

Your soulless technology device may soon be able to connect with you on a new level. Telecom Paris in France and partners are developing some very creepy phone cases that mimic the human skin down to the squishiness. This is no joke and not an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror.

What is the Skin-On Interfaces?

  • Skin-On Interfaces are sensitive skin-like input methods than can be added to existing devices to increase their capabilities.
  • When we interact with others, we use the skin as interfaces. However the objects of mediated communication – such as the smartphone – still has a cold interface that doesn’t allow natural interaction and input.
  • In this project, I wanted to make available the perfect human interface that is the skin for existing devices.

“This skin has a subtle surface texture – the sensing is performed in the dermis and the hypodermis layer (fat layer) and the elasticity is what allows us to perform expressive gestures such as pinching.” Dr Anne Roudaut, associate professor at the University of Bristol, said the artificial skin “may look unconventional probably because we are used to our senseless and rigid casings, but we feel there are strong advantages of using more malleable technologies”. She added: “The familiarity of the skin provides a more natural interface for end-users.”

Mr. Teyssier said: “When we are talking to someone face to face, we sometimes use touch to convey emotions and more generally enrich the discourse. Now that mediated communication is performed through the devices, we lost this communication modality. What are your thoughts on this technology?

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