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Recently Geek Impulse had the opportunity to chat with Monster Poh about here thoughts on modeling and cosplaying and what it has been like for her. Below are some excerpts from the most recent interview along with the full video.

Q: What are your name origins?

A: Poh is actually the name of my late rabbit who passed away about three years ago. So my page was originally a tribute to him. He was my little monster so, hence the name Monster Poh. I honestly didn’t think that the page would get so big. It’s not that big, but I didn’t know his name would get so circulated, so I am happy for him.

Q: When did you start coming to Anime Expo, How many have you Attended, and what has been your favorite part about Anime Expo?

A: I did three Anime Expo’s, Maybe Two and a Half because the first one I didn’t really go inside. I was still new at Cosplaying at the time and I made my own closet cosplay. I was outside and getting used to it. It was extremely overwhelming to me. My favorite part of Anime Expo is seeing my friends, in their full cosplay. Everyone works so hard on their cosplay.

Q: What has been the most interesting experience you have had being recognized by a fan?

A: It’s, uhm… I am very humbled every time someone does say my name its very enlightening. I don’t cosplay that often to be honest. I feel like on my Instagram page it circulates between traditional and cosplay, so when people call my name, its just AMAZING! I guess when I meet a fan, I get really excited because it’s like they are my friend. A lot of big Cosplayers just take photos and then it’s like, ok Bye. I don’t want to be like that. I want to be more personable.

Be sure to watch our YouTube Video Below for the Full Interview.

Featured Photo is by @shutterfoo

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