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Aniplex USA Geek Impulse Japan

Reading Time: 9 minutes Kanji name: アニプレックス Foundation date: 1995-09 Aniplex Inc. is a Japanese anime and music production company owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan Official website: Aniplex (Japanese) Aniplex USA Anime with which this company was involved: (English version) Aldnoah.Zero (TV): Internet Streaming Sword Art Online II (TV): Internet Streaming (Japanese version) 009-1 (TV) : Animation Production Assistance, Music Production A-Channel (TV)

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Shimono, Hiro

Shimono Hiro Geek Impulse Anime

Reading Time: 6 minutes Given name: 紘 Family name: 下野 Alternate names: Kawagushi Sakura, 川椰珱, Kawatana Sakura, 川梛珱, Komitsu Satsuki, 小満皐, Shikae Yuu 鹿江悠, TOMA Birthday: Apr 21, 1980 Website: More: Hometown: Tokyo, Japan Height: 168 cmBlood type: B Hobbies: cooking, karaoke, sunbathingNickname: Shimocchi (しもっち), Hirotan (ひろたん), Shimonnu (しもんぬ)Special Skill: able to improvise amazing songs at request, can tell which and where the

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Horie, Shun

Horie Shun Geek Impulse Anime

Reading Time: 1 minute Given name: 瞬 Family name: 堀江 Birthday: May 25, 1993 Website: More: Birth place: Osaka Prefecture, Japan Dialects: Osaka-ben, Iyo-ben Blood type: AB Height: 170 cm Hobbies: Walking, writing poetry Skill: Speed readingQualifications: Kanji test semi-class 2, English language level 2 Career: Pro-fit voice actor training graduate Social Media: Twitter & Talent Agency Voice actor and singer for Pierre as

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Anzai, Chika

Anzai Chika Geek Impulse Anime Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Given name: 知佳 Family name: 安済 Birthday: Dec 22, 1990 Website: More: Birthplace: Fukui, JapanBlood type: O Anzai Chika is a voice actress affiliated with Avex Entertainment. She trained at Maho Academy. Social Media: Twitter Voice Acting Work Akuma no Riddle Shutou, Suzu  Akuma no Riddle: Shousha wa Dare? Nukiuchi Test Shutou, Suzu  Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo Mikogami, Nagisa  Chaos

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Saga-grown Ichigosan strawberries are Recommended Saga Prefecture snacks, available for a very reasonable 1,000 yen (US$9) 23 different brands of Saga Sake Kawaii Fun for a date The Sakura Chill Bar will arrive on March 22nd. The cherry blossom forecast will be off by a couple of days due to the weather-related forecasts. Even with the potential delay, you can

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