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She Would Approach Japanese Men At Events



Canadian Cosplayer Shannon Wong - Geek Impulse



Shannon Wong who is a Canadian citizen came to Japan in 2012 on a Student Visa. Many people fall in love with Japan when they go there. This is why being in the country on a 4 year visa isn’t long enough to experience all Japan has to offer. Canadian Cosplayer Shannon Wong didn’t want here stay to end. Wong wanted to keep living her dream while residing in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward while pursuing here interest in Lolita Fashion and Cosplay.



Her student visa was coming close to its expiration date and Wong was going to have to head back to Canada. That was of course until she met Narimichi Sasaki, who is 8 years older and a construction worker. They met at a cosplay event held in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district, and Wong later approached Sasaki with a preposition. It has been reported that Wong offered and provided him with 700,000 yen (US$6,300) upfront and an additional 30,000 yen a month, and he would become her on-paper husband.



Here is an excerpt from Sora News 24:


On July 11, officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s arrested Wong and Sasaki, now 29 and 37 years old, respectively. No longer a student, Wong’s employment has been reported as both “restaurant worker” and “fuzoku worker,” the latter referring to the adult-oriented service sector, including jobs ranging from bar hostess to topless dancer and erotic masseuse.







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Sora News 24

Livedoor News/Jiji Tsushin, FNN via Otakomu 

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