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The Best Maid Cafe Outside of Japan


I love Japan. I travel there and will be living there soon. With that being said, when I want to get those feels from my time there I go to the closest thing there is, In Los Angeles.  That place for me is Arcane Maid Cafe. The first time I experienced the cafe was when I went to an anime convention. After that I was hooked. Its as close to Akihabara in the united States as you can get.



Here are some excerpts from their Facebook:

Arcane Café is a fan-run gaming Maid Café dedicated to entertaining guests, providing refreshments, and having fun!

Arcane Maid Cafe is an American Akiba-style Maid Cafe dance group created by fellow convention enthusiasts in 2016. Currently there are a total of 30 active members of Arcane Maid Cafe consisting of entertainers, operations, and security personel. The entertainment group has since performed at several conventions and has hosted standalone events in the greater Los Angeles area.

Arcane Maid Cafe has toured California as a travelling maid cafe to events such as Anime Impulse 2016 (Awarded best Sub-event 2016), TitanCon 2016, PGCLA Pokemon Themed Cafe, Arcane Cafe Standalone, and Aniplex’s AkibaFest 2016.

Talents who have engaged and performed at the Arcane Maid Cafe include: Stephanie Yanez (Anime Expo Talent Award Winner), Larry Bear Cosplay, Danny “D-boy” Gonzales (CEO of Ninja Con).


Arcane Maid Café can be found on their website as well.  ( Presale tickets are usually priced and on sale for $10.00 and $30.00 for all day VIP tickets. The price can go up from there depending on venue. If you are making a trip out to LA or live there and want a taste of Japan then I recommend this place for sure.



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