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Bappi Lahiri passes away because of obstructive sleep apnea; know all concerning the situation

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Singer and track composer Bappi Lahiri passed on to the great beyond on the age of 69 in Mumbai on February 15. Dr Deepak Namjoshi, his treating physician and director CritiCare clinic, Juhu, advised indianexpress.com that he breathed his closing at round 11.40-11.45 pm on Tuesday evening. The composer, recognized to popularise disco track in India, was once ill for lots of weeks and was once affected by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

An authentic remark from the clinic learn, “Bappi Lahiri was once affected by OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and recurrent chest an infection. He was once handled by means of Dr Deepak Namjoshi. He was once hospitalised in Criticare Sanatorium, Juhu for 29 days. He recovered neatly and was once discharged house on 15 February. On the other hand, after an afternoon at house, his well being once more deteriorated and he was once introduced again to Criticare clinic in a vital state and succumbed to his sickness at about 11:45 pm. He suffered from Covid an infection closing yr. He had OSA for the reason that closing twelve months. He was once admitted on a couple of events in Criticare Sanatorium below remedy of Dr Deepak Namjoshi and recovered on all events.”

Right here’s all you wish to have to understand concerning the sleep problem.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most typical sleep-related respiring dysfunction. It reasons one to many times prevent and get started respiring whilst asleep.


The indicators of OSA are noisily snoring, daylight hours fatigue, gasping or choking, sore throat, being forgetful, drained, aggravated, having evening sweats, middle of the night common urination, nagging complications, sexual disorder, and temper adjustments, stated Dr Sheetal Radia, advisor otorhinolaryngology  and head and neck  Oncosurgery, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Street.

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However essentially the most visual and audible symptom of sleep apnea is noisily snoring. In step with knowledge to be had, more or less 34 million Indians be afflicted by obstructive sleep apnea and the superiority charge is at 14 in keeping with cent in males and 12 in keeping with cent in girls, stated Dr Vishal Sehgal, clinical director, Portea Clinical. In step with Mayoclinic.org, this kind of apnea happens when your throat muscle groups intermittently chill out and block your airway right through sleep.

“If truth be told, sleep apnea might happen a couple of instances at evening, leading to loss of ok oxygen provide to the tissues. It may possibly make you unexpectedly get up on account of blockage in respiring, thereby disrupting your sleep,” stated Dr Sibasish Dey, head, clinical affairs of ResMed in an previous article for indianexpress.com.

Individuals who take snoozing pill, drink over the top quantity of alcohol or smoke could make it worse. Relying upon the extent of obstruction it may be delicate, average or serious, stated Dr Santosh Bangar, senior advisor psychiatrist, International Sanatorium, Parel, Mumbai.

snoring, sleep apnea Loud noisily snoring is an indication of sleep apnea. (Supply: Getty Photographs)

OSA signs amongst girls — drowsiness, fatigue and weaker reminiscence — are steadily fallacious as reasons of different problems and so they don’t get identified, discussed Dr Sehgal. “This loss of prognosis or lack of expertise can result in kind 2 diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure in girls. Occasionally, it might additionally purpose additional dangers equivalent to hypothyroidism, cognitive impairment, dementia, and melancholy,” he mentioned.

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Kinds of sleep apnea

* Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA): That is essentially the most prevalent shape by which throat muscle groups have a tendency to chill out.
* Central Sleep Apnea: This can be a situation when the mind alerts to the muscle groups that regulate respiring develop into abnormal.
* Advanced Sleep Apnea Syndrome: This can be a sophisticated and treatment-emergent state of affairs the place the individual is affected with each obstructive in addition to central sleep apnea.

Chance components

The danger components come with being obese, and nasal congestion.

“In step with a contemporary find out about performed on the Clinical Faculty Georgia at Augusta College, OSA generally is a possible explanation for melancholy,” stated Dr Dey. He additionally identified that the find out about confirmed that OSA was once extra not unusual in sufferers with low-income circle of relatives give a boost to, who lived on my own and had a loss of social give a boost to.


In case sleep Apnea is identified, sufferers want to go through a Titration Sleep Find out about, stated Dr Prashant Chhajed, Director-Pulmonology, Fortis Hiranandani Sanatorium, Vashi.

In step with Dr Dey, one must go for CPAP Remedy (Steady Sure Airway Force). “This is a same old remedy for managing sleep apnea. A CPAP device is helping you inhale simply the correct amount of air to stay your lungs and higher airway passages open, fighting respiring pauses, leading to wholesome sleep,” he stated. “Use it as in keeping with the physician’s recommendation. Occasionally, those machines aren’t moveable whilst touring and sufferers might in finding discomfort whilst snoozing with those machines at evening,” Dr Radia opined.

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Sure Airway Force (PAP) remedy is used by which the air force is adjusted to forestall the higher airway tissues from collapsing right through sleep, stated Dr Radia, whilst pointing out that sufferers can go for nasal surgical procedures for nasal obstruction like septoplasty or polypectomy on sound clinical recommendation.  In individuals who aren’t ready to tolerate, CPAP, jaw braces or mandibular splint can also be attempted, suggested Dr Bangar.


Way of life adjustments equivalent to weight reduction, giving up on smoking, alcohol, keeping up optimal weight, and exercising every day can lend a hand, Dr Radia suggested. “If left untreated, OSA can befatal. This sleep problem is regularly related to heart-related mortality and morbidity in some sufferers. It may possibly elevate one’s blood force, unexpected cardiac loss of life, stroke, cardiomyopathy (expansion of the muscle mass provide within the coronary heart), coronary heart failure, and coronary heart assaults. It ends up in low oxygen ranges, stresses the center, will increase irritation and adjustments in blood vessels. It’s crucial to diagnose this situation promptly, keep away from neglecting it and search quick clinical consideration,” stated Dr Radia.

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