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McDonald’s Japan Under Fire For Using Fake Roast Beef

Reading Time: 1 minute McDonald’s Japan rolled out a ‘Tokyo Roast Beef Burger’         McDonalds Japan described the burger as written in their campaign literature, uses some rather misleading language to make us believe otherwise:   It’s a burger with juicy 100 percent beef and roast beef with the strong sensation of delicious meat sandwiched between two baguette style buns.  

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More Netflix Sorcery As They Give Us The Dragon Prince

Reading Time: 2 minutes Netflix’s The Dragon Prince     Netflix has gotten a lot more aggressive with its offerings. Depending on ones perception it can be said that platform is delivering goods to the people. The Dragon Prince is a new one coming to you from the team that brought you Avatar: The Last Airbender. During Saturday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, the cast and crew

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The Witcher 3 and Samurai Jack Crossover Fan Made Video

Samurai Jack Mashed YouTube - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Witcher 3 Takes Over Samurai Jack       Lately crossovers are gaining more and more popularity. Imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon this gem. The Witcher 3 as Samurai Jack.  The video answers the most intriguing of questions. What happens when The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia takes on Samurai Jack? Some pretty amazing stuff thats what.     

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Overwatch Hacker Sentenced to Prison in South Korea

Overwatch Hacker Korea - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Overwatch Hacker Goes to Prison       According to the SBS News, a 28-year old man was sentenced to a year in prison and two year’s probation. The hacker violated the Game Industry Promotion Law and Information and Communication Technology Protection Law. SBS News reported, The hacker allegedly collected a large sum of money in exchange for the program—200 million won,

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