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Toto’s Africa Song to Play Forever on Loop in the Namib Desert!

Toto's Africa Song - Geek Impulse News

Reading Time: 1 minute For some unknown reason, Toto’s Africa song has gained a cult-like following. To be honest I enjoy it myself. To ensure this song never dies, an artist by the name of Max Siedentopf, set up an installation somewhere in the Namid Desert that will loop the song for all eternity. The piece, known as “Toto Forever” was originally seen by

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Autonomous Security Robot Patrolling Tokyo Train Station

Autonomous Security Robot - Geek Impulse News Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes Autonomous Robo Guard       This Autonomous Security Robot guard scans for dangerous individuals and suspicious packages at the at Seibu Shinjuku Station. According to sources during this practice run, the security robot “Perseus Bot” kept saying “Security patrol in progress. Security patrol in progress.”    During the demonstration,  the Autonomous Security Robot conducted a scan of the Seibu Shinjuku station premises.

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Yum!!! The Origin of Chocolate

origin of chocolate - Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Chocolate!       New evidence has emerged that suggest humans were harvesting and ingesting cacao, the bean from which chocolate is made, much earlier than previously thought.  In recent research it was found that as long as 5,300 years ago is when humans consumed cacao which is a full 1,500 years earlier the previous results of the origin of chocolate. 

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