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Okay so I’ve been a long time gamer and always wanted to try streaming or creating YouTube videos. However I’ve always found myself not having the time or energy and just getting distracted. Well, long story short, Josh has inspired me and here I am now with my first post on Geek Impulse!

To start things off, my first impressions review will be on… Assassin’s Creed Origin! Yes, I know… I’m a bit late to the game on this one. However it left a great impression on me to do a review on it.

The game is immersive, beautiful, and stunning. The hawk, Senu, is my most favorite feature in the game. Scouting has never been so easy, especially when comparing it to all the other Assassin’s Creed titles, as I’ve played them all. It looks like Ubisoft had taken the drone system from Ghost Reacon: Wildlands and integrated the idea into Origins.

Just like in Wildlands, Senu is able to scout the terrain and place markers on enemies. However, as Senu is a bird, it isn’t mobile like the drone, since birds and drones don’t move the same.

Now to continue on, the story is yet again amazing thus far. I’m 4 hours in, and always getting distracted by the hunting, so I’m not as far I should be, which isn’t a bad thing. I can definitely say “hard mode” is definitely hard. I’ve died miserably numerous times due to poor scouting and not watching my back. Instead of “Live and learn”, it’s been a continuous “Die and learn”.

Should you pick up this game? Well that depends. If you love the Assassin’s Creed series… YES! Pick up the game now and dive right in.

For this series, it is also the first time I’m playing it on the PC. I decided to use the keyboard and mouse as well. This is probably the only thing I dislike. The clunky controls of the keyboard. I recommend using a controller.

Now what other reasons should you pick it up for? The mechanics! Oh the mechanics! Jump shots, leaping lunges, a skill tree, and much more. You just have to try it! For myself, I fell in love with the Hunter skills. I haven’t checked to see if there a level cap/ability cap, so be weary of that.

I’d talk more about the game itself but I’m actually doing my best to stay away from any spoilers.

In summary, besides the clunky keyboard controls, I recommend Assassin’s Creed Origins if you are looking for an immersive story, and advanced mechanics you won’t get anywhere else, as far as I know.

Thanks for reading! Just like and leave a comment if you enjoyed it! See you around Geek Fam!

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