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Iconic Disney Characters - Geek Impulse News
“Her Father’s Daughter”

There is a growing trend as of late for a contemporary artist to create their work with inspiration from Disney. We have seen various kinds of reimagined heroines in multiple styles and some interesting scenarios. We had the tough girl Femme Fatales as well as that Tim Burton Style Princesses. Imagine our surprise when we came across the work of Heather Theurer. This talented painted captivated our imagination. Heather creates oil portraits that are fairytale-inspired and looks like classic 19th-century masterpieces.

Theurer defines her work as “a gateway into the reality of your imagination.” When looking at her portfolio we see just how profound that statement is. Each work depicts a ‘real-life’ version of the character. On top of that, it actually captures the story of that character. So they are also keeping with the film or books. Our favorite piece is titled Elegant Warrior, Disney’s Mulan is made remarkably well and every detail gives live to the painting. She has her sword in the painting and is posing as though she is ready for anyone who may challenge her. n the painting Mad Here, Theurer has elegantly captured the Alice, while creating her own interpretation of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. We see other characters spinning around her as well as other elements that make pull you into the story being told. Regardless of the Disney character, each piece in the collection is masterfully done.

Iconic Disney Characters - Geek Impulse News
“We’re All Mad Here”

Theurer’s work is not just images or this modern movement of art. Her paintings are like those classics we all love that allows the individual onlooker to their own interpretations. “I don’t necessarily want the viewer to have the same response to my painting as I have,” she reveals. “Instead, my hope is that the expression I paint on the board through hours of observation and execution of detail will speak to them in a way that ignites thoughts and feelings unique to them.”

You can buy limited edition prints from Theurer’s Disney series on the Wildstar Tempest website, and see more from her portfolio on her website.

Iconic Disney Characters - Geek Impulse News
“Dig a Little Deeper”

What are your thoughts on these paintings? We at Geek Impulse think it is refreshing to see classic style oil paintings that are here in modern day. It is an art form that we hope never becomes lost.

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