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If your looking for a game that has the magnitude of Planetside 2, the asthetic of Iron Man, and the danger and feel of Evolve, then look no further!



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Anthem is a Post-Apocalyptic style game where humans have technologically evolved to survive the unforgiving perils of their constantly evolving planet. In Iron-Man-like suits, players tackle terrifying enemies and brutally ruthless environments.

The game revolves around characters called Freelancers. Freelancers will leave their safe haven Fort Tarsus to survive and conquer the unknown. Players can explore this massive world to find new areas to discover such as intricate cave systems, underwater excursions, and storms that shake the earth. With monsters the size of a three-story house, this game begins to mimic what I presumed to be an innovative masterpiece, Evolve. Tackling monsters whose sheer size and devilish appearance make the player feel smaller than an ant battling an elephant party, gives the player the ecstatic rush we’ve all been looking for. This games graphics are second to none with gameplay that looks smooth, colorful, and ready action. Check out this link to the demo gameplay of E3 2017:


Up to four players band together to take on whatever perils you discover as a heroic team. As your friends support you in your journey, so do your victories and rewards benefit your friends. Experience massive, world-altering occurrences like Shaper Storms. Fight savage beasts and ruthless marauders. Delve forgotten ruins as you seek to defeat the forces plotting to conquer humanity.

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