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Nintendo has added Loot Boxes now to animal crossing. We see this trend becoming even bigger these days in the gaming community. It would seem as though companies want to capitalize on every chance to generate income. Loot Boxes are a huge change to the Free- To-Play smart phone game. Before this the games only asked for a few exchanges of money within the app.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - Geek Impulse

Adding Fortune Cookies, which contain random items from specific and exclusive time-limited sets, has changed the game forever. Premium Fortune Cookies items include, new furniture, clothing and even larger props. The Props allow you to open special scenes not seen in the story. This is done along with your friends.


Each premium Fortune Cookies costs 50 Leaf Tickets. There are three flavors available to choose from. Each Cookies comes with their own range of themed items. This current batch will last for two months, after that they will disappear. Purchasing a premium Fortune Cookie will get you a stamp on a card. Collecting 10 stamps will fill the card.  You can then trade it in for a specific item. Some items require you to turn in several stamp cards. Rare items will require the individual to turn in 10 stamp cards. The money will add up.


Loot Boxes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp - Geek Impulse

You fill 10 stamp cards it will cost you roughly $150 US. That is a hefty price tag. As we have seen with other games, some people cannot go without purchasing in game items. I am guilty of that myself. I have spent money on mobiel games and gaming console’s etc…



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