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Tokyo Game Show 2019 is the premiere electronic entertainment show in Japan. The whole place is filled with large monitors showcasing the latest builds and upcoming games the public can expect to see. Aside from that we also got the opportunity to see some of the most enchanting cosplay and booth models for various companies during the event.

Video games are constantly pushing the boundaries of captivating the world population. That includes inspiring some of the most accurate or creative beautiful cosplay to be found there. We made sure to check out the cosplayers on multiple days and take a look at the booths as well of some of the biggest video game publishers.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2019 with a theme message “One World, Infinite Joy” exhibited the record scale of 2,417 booths consist of 655 exhibitors, which covered a broad range of new game and service platforms including consoles, smartphones, and PCs.

About 30% of the titles (including goods) scheduled to be exhibited in TGS2019 are for iOS and Android, which points to the continued popularity of the smartphone games. Furthermore, in addition to console gaming, titles for VR and PC will be exhibited and various new titles for each platform like Smartphone, console gaming, portable game device, and PC will be on display. In terms of category, RPG, simulation, adventure and sports are on the rise.

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