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Alien Signals Coming From Alien Galaxies



Alien Signals - Geek Impulse
CSIRO’s Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder at night. © Alex Cherney/



There are several unexplained Alien Signals coming from deep space. A multiple blast of radio waves have been captured by Australian researchers. Their telescopes have been capturing a significant amount of what is called ‘ Fast Radio Bursts.’ These can be better explained as bright flashes of radio waves that make their way to Earth from deep space. 


For an even better understanding of how these things work, here is an excerpt from Newsweek:



The bursts travel for billions of years. As they do, they pass through clouds of gas. When this happens, the wavelengths the burst is composed of slow slightly. This allows scientists to work out how much material the burst has traveled through, giving an indication as to how far it has come. One of the FRBs found was the “nearest and the most energetic bursts detected so far,” making it a prime candidate for future study, the researchers say. Identifying this FRB’s host galaxy will help distinguish between different burst sources.



In more depth information comes from statements made to Space .com below:



“The telescope has a whopping field of view of 30 square degrees, 100 times larger than the full moon,” Bannister said in a statement. 

“And, by using the telescope’s dish antennas in a radical way, with each pointing at a different part of the sky, we observed 240 square degrees all at once — about 1,000 times the area of the full moon,” he added.”ASKAP is astoundingly good for this work.”


The team’s analyses show “that fast radio bursts are coming from the other side of the universe rather than from our own galactic neighborhood,” Shannon added in the same statement. 

The researchers did turn up the nearest known FRB to Earth — an event known as FRB 171020, which originated about 425 million light-years away from our planet. That’s about twice as close as the previous record holder. 







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