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A fermented ragi kulcha recipe to make just right use of sourdough discard

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In the event you like to bake sourdough breads and feature been suffering to control the discard, listed here are easy hacks to stay it recent. Sourdough bread baking comes to keeping up a wholesome sourdough starter and common feeding with common discarding.

I imagine ‘discard’ isn’t the suitable time period. We’re feeding the starter (lively microbes) with recent flour to assist them develop, and to create space for that, we want to take out some portion of that lively starter (the colony of similar microbes), and save them throughout the refrigerator with no need to feed additional ceaselessly.

What we take out is termed as ‘discard’. While, for those who get started including that discarded tradition in your on a regular basis roti, paratha, kulcha, bhatura (form of Indian flat bread), with out in reality amassing, you’ll be cooking up a lot fitter foods on a daily basis. You are going to really feel a lot lighter and higher. And if you’re gluten delicate — like 97 in step with cent of the sector — you’ll be able to simply conquer some commonplace problems like critical acidity, bloating, and pores and skin problems simply.

What I’m attempting to provide an explanation for here’s, going gluten-free is superb, however if you’re any individual who can’t are living with out their wheat rotis, parathas and naans, sourdough discard is a praise that you simply shouldn’t be ignoring (or discarding).

A gluten-free or minimum gluten existence is what all of us must be aiming for. For newcomers, sourdough discard (praise, in my case) is the one method to simplify gluten and make it extra digestible.

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Now, when you don’t stay that discard lively, it’ll broaden hooch (the water deposition at the best) that smells bitter and from time to time alcoholic. Discard that hooch and feed your discard. Even supposing it’s mendacity within the refrigerator, feeding as soon as in 15 days must stay it wholesome to be used.

Regularly, use a well-fed discard on your breads, muffins, dosas, idlis, rotis, dhokla, handvo, and the whole thing that compels you so as to add industrial yeast, baking powder, baking soda, or  probably the most usually utilized in Indian family, fruit salt or eno. Have in mind, there are methods to make your meals fitter: sluggish cooking, sluggish fermentation ways and historic grains.

For lately, I’ve a easy finger millet (ragi) bhatura recipe. I’m hoping it will give you nice insights on how simply you’ll be able to expend on a regular basis sourdough discard with no need to discard it in any respect.


Elements: (for 8-10 bhatura/kulchas)

· ½ cup sourdough discard

· 1 cup complete wheat flour

· 1 cup freshly milled ragi flour

· Luke heat water to knead

· For kulcha toppings: kasuri methi, garlic, butter, black sesame, purple chilli powder, and many others

· Chilly pressed oil to deep fry bhatura


1. In a deep bowl, combine the whole thing with optimal water to make dough. Go away the dough for 2-3 hours (in winters, it’ll want 5-6 or in a single day to ferment).

2. As soon as fermented, roll out thick bhaturas or kulchas (roll until 1-2 cm thickness).

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3. If making kulchas, follow little water and garnish with the toppings. Cook dinner it on a well-greased cast-iron griddle. First of all, you’ll have to duvet it to assist the kulcha to upward push effectively.

4. If making bhatura, deep fry a rolled out bhatura in preheated chilly pressed oil at a medium flame. After they self-praise, drain extra oil and experience your wintry weather foods.

5. I clubbed my sourdough fermented bhatura with lacto-fermented pickles, some unique Kashmiri radish walnut chutney and pindi chole.

6. Revel in them scorching and take a look at the use of up the fermented dough the similar day.

7. By no means overlook to feed your discard as soon as per week or as soon as in 15 days.

(Shalini Rajani is the founding father of Loopy Kadchi and holds cutting edge Millets Cooking Workshops and Sourdough Baking Workshops for all age teams.)

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