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If you love the anime Crayon Shinchan then you are in luck. Well sort of. First of all, you have to live in Boston or fly to Boston for Anime Boston 2018. It runs from March 30th through April 1st .


Animation Director Yūji Mutō will be there to attend his very first US Convention. One of my favorite things about this director is that he actually chats with his fans on Twitter.


This is From Anime Boston’s Website:


Animation director Yūji Mutō is most famous for directing the world-renowned TV Asahi animated series, Crayon Shinchan.  Mutō-san began his professional career directing episodes for TV series such as City HunterTsuruhime Ja!, and Kenyuu Densetsu YAIBA (1993), before moving on to direct the 1993 feature film, Bonobono.  In 2004, he became the third director to helm the long-running television anime Crayon Shinchan, not only holding this position longer than any previous director, but also during the period for which the series has become most popular outside of Japan.  In addition, he has been the director of such series as Corrector YuiHaunted JunctionPia Carrot E Yokoso!! – Sayaka no Koi Monogatari , Ultimate Girls, and many more.  He’s also done the storyboards for many series including Crayon ShinchanGreen GreenScrapped Princess, as well as others.

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