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HelloKitty Jet coming back to LAX, starting March 27th




If you are a fan of Sanrio and of Hello Kitty then we have some news for you. You can now fly on select flights with Eva Air who has partnered with Sanrio on this venture. I know if I wasn’t busy writing articles and running a business her at Geek Impulse I would take a flight just to experience it. I personally have taken Eva Air when I went from LAX to Narita International Airport during the fall because ANA didn’t have a flight that agreed with me. Needless to say it was a comfortable flight. I wish I had this though because this is KAWAII OVERLOAD! Don’t take it from me. Here is some information from the website itself:


The Lazy Egg, Gudetama, is taking his time packing his luggage since he is going on an overseas vacation. The concept behind the Comfort Flight is to invite passengers to escape from the tedious life and travel at their pleasure. Let’s all get on board, laid back and carry out the “Gudatama’s philosophy of laziness” !  



Here are some photos from the Site:



















I wish I could be on this flight. Let us know in the comments below if you are going to use this flight and if you do be sure to share with us those photos.



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