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Fallout has a cult following. I never played a Fallout game until recently. I am glad I did and sad it took me so long. Needles to say I see now why the game is so beloved. It makes sense in my book that fans would make a Fallout game mod. The mod is for Fallout: New Vegas and is called Fallout: New California. - Geek Impulse

According to PC Gamer, Fallout: New California now has a Beta build which is playable from beginning to end. The mod follows a character from Vault 18 as they make their way through California’s ravaged deserts and cities. On the official Mod Page, the games designer Brandan Lee says boast being proud of his creation and is transparent about the games weaknesses. 


Fallout: New California - Geek Impulse

Lee says that, Fallout: New California has a branching story that gives players several options and choices to plot out the destiny of their characters. There are 11 possible endings, and potentially a 12th ending as well.


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