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Overwatch -Lunar New Year Event and Goodies



If you are like me and Celebrate the Lunar New Year and are a Gamer than you might want to play Overwatch. The reason for that is simple. The game is awesome and this weekend it is free to play on PC, PS4 and the Xbox One. What makes this deal even more cool is the fact that you can get the base title and the game of the year edition are 50% off on Steam, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox. It includes retail and goes until the 26th of February.


Overwatch Lunar New Year celebration goes on until the 5th of March. It includes Emotes, Skins, as well as LOOOOOT BOXES!!!! (capped for dramatic affect). Of course you can also expect some changes in the capture the flag mode. Don’t forget the new map that goes by the name I am unsure how to pronounce “Ayutthaya” as well as a new competitive mode.


There are a total of six new skins, including those for Genji, Mercy, Zarya, and Pharah. There are also more than 50 new seasonal items in all. A new competitive season centered around CTF is being launched. This will run for four weeks, and those who make it into the top 500 will receive a special spray and icon.



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