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Can the Flame be Rekindled? The Fantastic Four Are Returning

The Fantastic Four- Geek Impulse

Reading Time: 1 minute Four heroes. One team.     After a long and much anticipated revival, Marvel’s first family The Fantastic Four are finally returning with a whole new series. After several box office flops of the franchise this is Marvel’s attempt to get fans interested again in the heroes. We are skeptical of this, but the fact that they are coming back

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The Future is Robots! Henn na Hotel in Tokyo

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rawr!     There is a futuristic hotel run almost entirely by Robots! Yes you heard that correctly Robots! At the reception of the Henn na Hotel (Strange Hotel) a female humanoid welcomes and checks in guests. There is an automated trolley takes guests bags to their room. With the help of Facial recognition technology,  guests are allowed to enter their

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The Wind Breaking Butt Detective Otoritani !

Reading Time: 1 minute Otoritani! The Butt Detective!   If you thought detective Pikachu was all the rage than you haven’t heard of the newest TV anime set to release this year. WE at Geek Impulse are excited to bring you the TV anime Otoritani! The Butt Detective!       The original Oshiri Tantei books are published in Japan by Poplar Publishing. The Oshiri Tantei TV anime is

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