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Context matters so lets get that out of the way here first. Scientist consider a Close Call to be an object that comes within 120,000 miles of earth. Yes that is far away. That is reassuring and would cause less panic if the majority of people new this. 


Sunday April 15th a football field sized asteroid came close to earth. The frightening part about this is that for some reason, scientist didn’t see it coming until the very last minute. 2018 GE3 was 361 feet in diameter. Yes the name of the Asteroid is 2018 GE3. I personally think astroids of this magnitude need cool names. Say Galactic Rock Ball. Or something like that. 



Earth received a cosmic close shave on Sunday (April 15) when a football field-size boulder passed by at half the moon’s distance from our planet. Named 2018 GE3, the asteroid was detected only a few hours before its flyby, spotted by the automated Catalina Sky Survey. (LiveScience)



Asteroid 2018 GE3 - Geek Impulse



Did you get to see The Giant Astroid 2018 GE3? What would you do if this came and we didn’t catch it? Lets discuss below in the comments. 



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