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We heard rumors about some Cat Samurai! So we decided to look into it. The show in question is non-other than Neko Zamurai (Samurai Cat).  In this show a great warrior named Madara The Devil, is sent to assassinate a rivals cat. So what happened? He decided not to kill the furry little kitty and instead put the cat in his kimono.


Since he was unable to slash the cat, he now while the cat is stuffed inside his kimono, has to fight off all the enemies instead. So if you love Cats this is for you. If you Love Samurai this is for you. If you love Japan this is for you. If you love a samurai going on a killing spree to a murderous song while having a Kawaii Cat in his Kimono than….. Well you get my point. Here is the trailer to this self-aware comedy from Japan.



Let us know if you are a cat lover… I prefer dogs, however I do love the kitty 😉 We look froward to hearing from you in the comments below.


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