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JAPAN'S Best Cosplayer - Geek Impulse News Japan
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JAPAN’S Best Cosplayer Makes ¥1 Million Per Month

Reading Time: 1 minute Japan’s best cosplayer Enako surprised everyone recently on TV when she announced how much she actually makes from cosplaying every month. She says she can earn more than one million yen […]

HBO Unveiled - Geek Impulse Game of Thrones Season 8
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HBO Unveiled The Long-awaited Premiere Date For Game of Thrones season 8

Reading Time: 1 minute As promised, last night HBO unveiled the long-awaited premiere date of Game of Thrones season 8. Wow, what a teaser trailer it is fans. This trailer comes ahead of the […]

CUbE - Geek Impulse Technology
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Robot Delivery Dogs Are The Future

Reading Time: 1 minute The mailman may soon be replaced with its longtime nemesis, the Doge. Yes that is correct, a new idea proposed by delivery service Continental, has debuted its robodog concept art […]

Bungie - Geek Impulse News
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Bungie And Activision Cut Ties

Reading Time: 1 minute Bungie has officially cut ties with Activision. This could turn out to be a big split for the gaming industry. They shared the rights to the Destiny franchise. What good […]

Bowsette Theory Meme - Geek Impulse News
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Nintendo Officially Debunks Bowsette Theories

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you were hoping for 2019 to be all about Bowsette, let the heartbreak commence. Nintendo has officially made Bowsette non-canon.  In 2018 Nintendo announced, the switch version of Super […]

Cowboy Bebop - Geek Impulse - Netflix
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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Series Coming to Netflix Because…..

Reading Time: 1 minute Another Live-Action Anime Series         Cowboy Bebop is getting a live-action series on Netflix, with the anime’s creator Shinichiro Watanabe consulting. Don’t believe me? Here is proof… […]

film set in the original universe
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First Look! The New GHOSTBUSTERS Original Universe Sequel Teaser

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Ghostbusters is returning with a film set in the original universe. The last one we got was a big flop. It appears that this one will be directed by Jason Reitman who has done films such as Juno and thank you for not smoking. One of the coolest things this is that Jason is written and directing the film is also the son of the original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman.